Maritime GISELA Rescue of 8 Seafarers Off Stricken Vessel in West Coast of India

Maritime GISELA Rescue of 8 Seafarers OffStricken Vessel in WestCoast of India

Maritime Gisela had successfully conducted a daring rescue operation which resulted in the rescue of 8 seafarers whose vessel MSV JEHOVAH CHRIST was sinking off the Western Coast of India on 1st March 2019.

Vessel was enroute from Jebel Ali to Singapore when at 0800 hrs LT, she received a distress call from MSV JEHOVAH CHRIST. The vessel was reported to be suffering water ingress due to malfunctioning of water pumping equipment onboard, which lead the vessel to start sinking.

Maritime Gisela approached the MSV JEHOVAH CHRIST, keeping her on port side, however engines onboard the distressed vessel were immersed in water when she was about 3 cable length from Maritime Gisela.

By 0905 hrs LT, the distress vessel was alongside Maritime Gisela and 8 crew members along with their belongings were rescued safely at 0912 hrs LT.

Maritime Gisela was then maneuvered to clear off the distress vessel. The 8 rescued crew was then transferred to the MSV RAJAM, which was bound for New Mangalore at 1245 LT, transferring the 8 rescued crew members by 1410LT. At 1500hrs LT, Gisela, then resumed her passage to Singapore.

On behalf of all at MSI we like to commend the ship’s command and crew onboard the Maritime Gisela for their exemplary courage in undertaking swift and decisive action resulting in the successful rescue of the lives of 8 fellow seafarers.

We are also please to announce that the MT Gisela was awarded the Bravery Award by the Marine Department, Hong Kong in recognition of all the crew onboard who had participated the successful rescue effort.

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