Operational Excellence

We believe that only through continuous improvement can we stay on our trajectory leading to operational excellence. We go about this by determinedly maintaining the right perception at the operational level on what is vital and seen as a real priority, how operational decisions are made and how balance between operations and safety is preserved, the way priorities are set, communicated via formal and informal methods, and executed in the workplace.

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Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

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Green Ship Awards

Green Award certifies ships that are extra clean and extra safe. Ships with a Green Award certificate reap various financial and non-financial benefits. Selected vessels managed by MSI have met the requirements of “Green Ship Programme” and enjoy the incentives that come along with it.

United States Coast Guard

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Qualship 21 Program

MSI has the unique distinction of having several of its managed vessels receiving approval for inclusion in United States Coast Guard’s Qualship 21 program.

Membership Affiliations

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MSI actively supports Mariners’ Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS) – a free searchable online database of marine accidents and near misses stretching back over many years
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With full membership of SSA and SMEF, MSI collaborates with other members of the shipping industry in monitoring developments, engaging in competence building activities and promoting best industry practices and standards.