MSI Best Ship of the Year Awards 2019 – Maritime Coaction & Wawasan Topaz


MSI Best Ship of the Year Awards 2019 – Maritime Coaction & Wawasan Topaz

Starting this year we have constituted the “Best Ship of the year” Award for the Dry and Wet Ship categories for excellent overall perfromance. We were guided by one of our key Mission Statements while choosing on the ship in the fleet:

“Relentlessly pursuing high standards in integrated maritime transportation management services with integrity & accountability”

A committee was setup within MSI consisting of Senior Management, Technical, Operation and HSSQE staff. Data for 2019 in the following categories were used as measuring tools to help us decide on the “Best Ship of the Year”:
1. Personal Injury Cases (LTIF)
2. Non Injury Cases (eg. Navigational incidents. machinery failures, fire, spills, security incidents)
3. PSC Inspections and Detentions
4. Unscheduled Off Hire
5. Vetting or Rightship Inspections– Vessels individual Performance based on inspection Risk Rating.
6. Vessel rejections by Oil Major leading to Loss of business
7. Overdue PMS
8. Compliance with MESPAS Reporting and
9. Ship General Appearance – age of ship taken into account

After much deliberation, we have decided to present the Award for “Best Ship of the Year” to the following ships:
1. Maritime Coaction – Bulker
2. Wawasan Topaz - Tanker

We at MSI would like to congratulate all the Masters and Crew on board these two above mentioned ship, past and present who have worked hard to make this possible.

We plan to initiate awards in more categories in the coming years and hope that this initiative will in some way act as an encouragement for all on board to go that “extra mile” in their day to day actions while on board. We also recognise that seafarers have to face many challenges on a daily basis and situations often are not as perfect as we would like them to be. It is only your resilience that makes it possible for every ship to safely complete her voyage.

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MSI Wins 3 Awards for Best Submission in the recent InterManagers Enclosed Safety Space Campaign, 2019

MSI Wins 3 Awards for Best Submission in the recent InterManagers Enclosed Safety Space Campaign, 2019

InterManager initiated a campaign on ‘Enclosed Space Safety’. In this 3 month long open survey, seafarers were requested to provide their feedback and opinion as to the causes and possible solutions.

The objective of this campaign was not only to raise awareness amongst people to the dangers by reflecting on ways and means to improve safety, but it was also to look at innovative means to eradicate this bane that has plagued the industry for decades.

With participants coming from diverse backgrounf from vessel operators, managers to over 5000 seafarers from 2500 vessels taking part in this survey, valuable feedback were provided which includes :
• A perceived lack of improvement in the design of vessels with not enough consideration being given to access areas and the people working in them.
• enclosed spaces being hard to reach, are frequently impossible to properly ventilate or to measure the atmosphere conditions.
• allocation of unrealistically tight timeframes for cargo hold and tank preparation;
• adequate protection of seafarers from unrealistic commercial time pressures.

We are pleased to announce that MSI was one of the companies recognized to be taken an active part in this campaign. All the responses were screened by a committee and 12 persons were judged as Safety Leaders for their participation. Amongst those 12 persons awarded, 4 were from MSI...Indeed a proud moment for us:

Our special thanks to :
• Capt. Himadri Shikhar Ghosh, for steering the campaign in MSI
• Capt. Avinash Serafino Carrasco from Maritime Meridian for best submission
• Mr. Sunny Tangappan Kannan from Maritime Meridian for best submission
• Mr. Asokan Exhilan form Maritime Tuntiga for best submission

Capt. Himadri Ghosh was in Manila at the Annual Crew Connect Conference on 21st Nov 2019 to collect the awards on behalf of all the MSI awardees. The award consists of a handsome plaque with the name engraved.

Once again, we would like to thank all of you who participated and congratulate the award recipients. You have made MSI proud!

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